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At Paceline Cycles our bike tech is Cytech approved  with over 25 years workshop experience. He has worked at national and international level including World Cup events held in Spain and 2012 Olympic Games medal winners. We provide a complete range of repair, upgrade & maintenance services for cyclists of all levels.

Bike service – price list

Bike Safety Check
Excluding cost of parts

  • Brakes and gear checked for damage and wear and adjusted
  • Tyres checked for damage and wear and re-inflated
  • Cables checked for damage
  • Headset adjusted and bolts re-torqued
General bike service
Excluding cost of parts

A general service includes a thorough clean and de-grease, we recommend a general service at least twice a year to keep your bike running at its best.

All services in the safety check service, plus:

  • Frame cleaned
  • Drivetrain removed, cleaned and refitted
  • Headset removed and refitted with fresh grease
  • Bosch and Shimano system update and checked for errors
Full Bike Service
Excluding cost of parts

Whether you ride MTB or Road , we recommend a full bike service if your bike hasn’t had a proper service in years. Your bike will be looking and running like new.

All services in the general bike service, plus:

  • Brake bleeding
  • Wheel hubs stripped and re-assembled with fresh grease

Price List

  • Inner tube replacement: £5
  • Sealant re-filling : Road £5 | MTB £8
  • Brake bleeding : single £15 | pair £25
  • TLR Conversion : Valves+Sealant £40 | Valves+Sealant+Tape £60
  • Bosch & Shimano check and Firmware update : £15
  • Single component replacement : from £15
  • Brakes checked for damage and wear and adjusted : from £15
  • Gear checked for damage and wear and adjusted : from £15
  • Wheel hub stripped and re-assembled with fresh grease  : from £15 | pair £25
  • Wheel building : from £40 single | pair £70
  • Rock Shox & FOX Fork service : from £75
  • Rock Shox Reverb Service: from £75
  • Workshop cost per hour : £35

Free visual check

Bring your bike into our shop and we’ll give it a visual check to identify any potential problems.

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